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Activism Life

On Being Privileged

August 14, 2017

Note: I identify as a biracial (Asian and white), straight, privileged woman.  I’ve thought about writing about this topic for a long time, so here it goes! In light of what’s happened over the past few days, I figured now is the time to step it up. It’s time to talk about racism and privilege in America. Why are we lifestyle bloggers so afraid to talk about what’s…


Sight But No Vision: My Relationship With Acting

August 8, 2017

I have a love/hate relationship with acting, and that’s painful for me to admit. I grew up taking theatre classes, learning music, dancing around the house, and performing in general. I went to an arts high school and majored in theatre, which inspired me to audition and choose to go to college to get a BFA in Acting. I loved it. Being onstage telling stories, playing characters, was…

Adventures Life

Arizona Flower Growers: A Lifelong Legacy 

August 5, 2017

Last weekend I attended the Arizona State Florists Association conference for AZ flower growers and florists. Many people don’t know this, but my family owns a flower shop, or more specifically, my grandfather owns one. A little bit about him: my grandpa’s name is Nick and he owns Baseline Flower Growers in South Phoenix (Read about them here!). He’s 94 years old and still goes into work every…

Beauty&Style What She Wore

Easy Summer Style On & Off-Set

August 1, 2017

For those of you who don’t know yet, Alex and I have been working on a web series for several months now! It’s called AMSTERDAMN and focuses on two sisters attempting to move out of their hometown. Alex wrote all 12 episodes and directed while I act and produce the series. It’s such a fun (& stressful!) project, but more on that later! I was reading back through…

Eats Health&Wellness

Recipe: Honey Glazed Salmon

July 28, 2017

When I’m in Boston, I spend a ton of time cooking. I try to meal prep every week, I cut up fruit, I make myself dinner every night, and I make some sort of breakfast every morning. When I’m in Phoenix, that sort of planning definitely falls by the wayside. I still make myself breakfast, but I don’t worry as much about prepping for the rest. Alex, on…


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