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The Art of Ice Cream

January 5, 2018

I’ve been back in Arizona for almost three weeks now, which is mostly why I’ve been so MIA. I’ve been spending a ton of time teaching barre classes, running errands, and letting the holidays completely kick my ass. But I think one of the coolest things I’ve done since I’ve been back is check out the Art of Ice Cream Experience in Scottsdale. This ice cream themed, interactive exhibit…

Beauty&Style What She Wore

‘Tis the Season for Non-Stop Parties

December 14, 2017

Happy almost Friday! My weekend/beginning of this week has been a little hectic to say the least. With my 2nd to last undergraduate semester finishing up, Boston’s first snow of the season, and my upcoming trip back to AZ, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving in days! My Friday through Monday nights were filled with non-stop parties ranging from grabbing drinks with friends, to full on ragers.…

Eats Health&Wellness

The Collagen Trend

November 29, 2017

Alright, let’s be real, I love food trends. Seriously! I think it’s so cool to find out what people love to eat and what products or foods get popular! Right now, the new hot trend is collagen. What is collagen? Collagen is a protein. It’s present in our bodies by giving our hair, skin, nails, and bones structure. As we get older, our bodies naturally tend to produce…


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