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Hey There!

My name is Willa Eigo, & welcome to What She Is!

I’m a 20-something college student living in Boston, MA. I study acting at Boston University & will be graduating in Spring 2018! I’m passionate about so, so many things including health, style, beauty, & politics. I work as a bridal consultant at a little boutique downtown & also teach barre classes on & off! I’m extremely type A, & also a Taurus. Soy lattes are my go-to & I’m mostly pescatarian.



I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, along with my sister/best friend, Thea. While Thea and I are very different, we’re also similar–both being performers & extremely passionate about social justice! I love Phoenix with all that I am & certainly hope to move back one day. My parents have always been very involved with the community & have instilled that sense in me as well. Holding onto my roots & giving back are two very important things to me.



B9AF2B6D-C6CB-41F2-8B78-C567186368BF.jpgAlex claims he had a crush on me for 3 years before saying anything. We went to high school together & met when I was a senior and he was a freshman. We both did theatre and ended up in a show together that fall, during which Alex started crushing hard. Who knew that 3 years later we’d choose each other! Alex is sweet, caring, & incredibly perceptive. He leads with his heart & emotions, which balances out my headstrong nature. After a rough year & 1/2 of long distance, we’re finally finding a routine living in the same city! We both now live in Boston, MA & attend the same school (again). I feel lucky everyday that he’s my person.



A while ago, I read the quote “You’re not the kind of girl who settles. Keep not settling.” I took it to heart. For me, ‘Keep Not Settling’ means that I need to always strive to do my best. It means that I should post content I’m proud of. It means I need to keep working on my relationship. And most importantly, it means that I need to hold myself to a higher standard. So that’s my life motto! Be a little kinder/smarter/funnier/braver/better every single day. I believe in living with purpose & never settling for anything less than my personal best. I hope this site inspires you to do the same!



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