August 19, 2014

She sat on the plane already in flight. Gazing out the small window, she noticed how inconvenient it was that she was sitting beside the wing of the plane.
“Sure,” she thought, “I won’t die if we get in a crash, but I also can’t see the city lights all at once.”
Not like there was a ton to see to begin with. She was flying from Denver, a gorgeous city located far from the airport, into Phoenix. There wasn’t a lot to see along the way. Still, looking out the oval-ish window, she noticed the stars littering the night sky.
“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.” She wondered how it was that she had never once looked up instead of down when she flew. The stars looked so close to her now; their small flickering bodies shining back at her as if to say hi. She wanted to reach out and touch them, if only she wasn’t stuck inside of a great metal bird.

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