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September 5, 2017

Today is crazy exciting (and anxiety provoking! more on that later!) because today’s the day that AMSTERDAMN is finally released! What’s AMSTERDAMN? Glad you asked…

AMSTERDAMN is a new web series written by my boyfriend, Alex Tuchi, and produced by me. It stars a TON of local Phoenix actors and musicians.


The backstory behind AMSTERDAMN is kind of funny, but ultimately straightforward. I interned at a company called StyleHaul last semester, which specializes in managing YouTubers and social influencers! Essentially, I learned a lot about YouTube and figured I should make my own channel, when I asked Alex if he wanted to join, he said no, but mentioned that he had always wanted to write a TV show. We compromised and decided a web series would be best. I asked Alex to write me a role that was the complete opposite of who I am as a person (scary right?), and he did it.


I get to play Charlie, who’s the older sister of June (played by Sophia Drapeau). Charlie calls herself a “free spirit,” but most people would just call her a mess. She’s broke, has no job, no place to live, and accidentally adopted a dog with her sort of ex-boyfriend, Manbun (played by Louis Farber).

Charlie has been such a challenge for me as far as acting goes, because I’m really nothing like her. Now looking back on it, I can safely say that she’s one of my most favorite characters. Charlie is harsh and straightforward, but she’s so fearless. She doesn’t take no for an answer, which I love.


The series overall focuses on June and Charlie, two sisters who are trying to get out of Phoenix, AZ. June seems to have it together; she has a steady job and a nice house, but also is incredibly unhappy. Charlie on the other hand is a mess. When Charlie decides to move to an artists’ colony, June drops everything to join her. Throughout the series, the sisters attempt to raise the money they need by any means necessary.

I hope you’re hooked! Tune into our YouTube channel on Tuesday, September 5th at 7pm EST to watch our first two episodes! And follow our Instagram and Twitter!

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