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September 16, 2017

It’s only taken me the better part of two weeks, but I finally feel moved back into my apartment! I’ve lived in this apartment, with my 3 roommates for almost three years now and I’m so lucky that I get to call this place home. I’m obsessed with much of our decor and feel like we’re at least a slight step up from the typical college apartment!

Flowers in our living room

Living Room

While our complex is older and has some issues (like mice!), we have done our best to make it feel like home. Our living room is a mix of items we bought, gifts we were given, and projects we decided to tackle! The couch and chairs and table set are from IKEA while our coffee table was a gift from Sophie’s aunt.



I take full credit for thinking of the floral wall! We bought all of the silk flowers from the dollar store during our first month. One night, Mackenzie and I strung up the flowers and had the boys we were seeing (at the time) hang them.


The states are made out of cardboard with paper mache newspaper covering it! Mackenzie and I cut them out of moving boxes and decorated them before Hannah and Sophie woke up! We’ve had them ever since. The little ‘HOME’ map was a gift to me from another friend.



My Room

My room has high ceilings and a larger closet space. I display a lot of strange art that I’ve found at various antique stores over the years. My favorite part of it is the wall behind my bed. I lined the wall with dictionary pages! Over the pages I hung little quotes and reminders for myself.


one of my bedroom walls, covered with paint chips


jewelry hangers in my closet

I’m obsessed with my own bedroom decor and just hope I can continue to be this creative as I move into a new apartment next year!

What are your favorite ways to decorate your space?

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