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April 7, 2015

Aside from New England missing the memo, it is Spring. Which means that it’s one of my favorite times of the year and coincidentally one of the most stressful for a lot of young women I know. That’s right folks, it’s almost Bikini Season, the unofficial season of making ourselves feel like shit about our bodies! *cheers, clapping*

I should probably preface this by saying, right off the bat, that I’ve never had body image issues. I’ve never dieted (but I have detoxed), and rarely have felt the need to workout (once in blue moon I do). I’ve never seen food as an enemy, nor counted calories. I’m very lucky in the sense that I was brought up to love my own body for what it is. I was taught to eat healthy from an extremely early age and have now embraced it as part of my lifestyle.

That being said, I hate the invisible pressure that young women feel about the summer. Who invented the idea that there is a season that must be dedicated to being fit and skinny and putting our own bodies down? I hate the twisted idea that we shouldn’t worry about what we consume unless it impacts how we appear.

This is my point: Bikini Season, #1, shouldn’t even be a thing, and #2, shouldn’t be the incentive to eat healthy. We should be doing that always. I know that it’s not always easy, and being a college student makes it 10x harder, but I’m a firm believer in the idea that eating better makes you feel better. While I’m in no position to tell you all what to do/eat/think, I offer this: there’s enough bad shit lurking in the corners of the world, why should I put more out? I try my best to be body positive, to eat well to feel well, and encourage others to do the same.

With the dreaded Bikini Season approaching quickly, I leave you with this: every body is a bikini body. This season, before you complain about your own body, think about what you love about it. Before you put down another person for how they’re dressed, consider what they’re feeling. Before you tell yourself to eat healthy for looks, think about how great you’ll feel. Let’s start being good to ourselves and loving what we’ve got.

xo, Willa

My bikinis are back in Phoenix, but this is close enough. I love my own body!

My bikinis are back in Phoenix, but this is close enough. I love my own body!

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