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Mama Who Bore Me

May 14, 2017

This past week I was inspired by a New York Times piece called “Our Mothers as We Never Saw Them” which features pictures and stories of women before they became moms. The article highlights the fact that we didn’t know our moms before they had us and that many times, moms have the job of balancing their own lives with that of their children. Looking back on pictures and hearing stories of my own mom before she had me, I’m reminded that she has always had many of the qualities and attributes I strive for.

So thanks to that story, and on behalf of Mother’s Day, I asked a few of my friends to write about their own moms! I asked them all to think about what they admire most about their mom, what stories they had heard about her before they were born, and what she’s taught them. Here are their responses (and mine!)…




Right out of college my mom joined an accounting firm and quickly made her way to the top, surrounded by all male partners. Despite their disapproval, she began wearing pants to work instead of her uncomfortable skirts. She brought her lunch from home to avoid eating out with the men at the nearest steakhouse every day. She endured her fair share mansplaining and manspreading and men taking credit for her ideas, but became one of the most successful and demanded accountants at her firm. My mom has raised three strong, capable children and chose an amazing man to spend her life with. She is the craziest, kindest, most badass woman I know, and I only hope I grow up to be half the woman and mom she is. -Mackenzie


My mom is an amazing lady, and I know most people probably say that about their moms but with Tammy Gluck it’s actually true! Tammy works as the Enrichment Coordinator at Exeter Adult Education in Exeter, NH. She helps to coordinate new classes and bring education and enrichment to her community. My mom has always been super involved in our community. Whether she was volunteering her time to build sets for my high school’s drama club, serving as School Board Member at Large, or leading the movement to fund public kindergarten in our home town of Newton NH, Tammy was always looking for ways to improve and strengthen her community for her friends and family. My mom is such a super badass woman. She has always loved the outdoors (especially the beach) and used to take my cousins and I biking, hiking, and fishing. She played shortstop in Varsity Softball from a young age throughout high school (her favorite movie is “A League of their Own”, starring BU alum Geena Davis). After graduating from Plymouth State University with a degree in Business/Marketing, she became the one of the youngest employees ever hired as a salesperson at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Boston, MA. Since my sister and I started our careers in the performing arts, my mother has never missed a performance of ours and is constantly seeking out opportunities that she thinks might interest or benefit Jenna and I. Beyond all else, she is the most giving and selfless person I know. She gives herself fully, 100% to her causes, and those she loves. The world is not deserving of Tammy Gluck; and hey mom, if you’re reading this post I hope that my words here make you realize how much you do for us. But on this Mother’s Day, please take a break and let us give you a little of the strength, compassion, and love that you put out into the world. -Josh



Our mother is one of the kindest people we know. Anytime there is anyone or anything who needs help, she will go out of her way to see what she can do to help. Her love for others is immense, and one day, I hope to be like her in that regard. Ever since we were both young, she provided a constant source of faith for us in our lives in multiple facets: she had faith in us, always urging us to stand up for what we believed was right. She showed us faith in others, never failing to put smiles on our faces, even on the worst days. She gave us faith in the world, showing us through kindness and caring, not everyone is as bad as we initially make them out to be. Our mother is smart, funny, kind, and brave. We could not have asked for a better mother. -Alex and Katie



My mom means the world to me. I miss her more and more everyday. The day she died was the saddest thing that happened to me. When I was younger and she had went to the store I would start to cry. She was really the only person I told about what happened in school. -Jack

My favorite things about my mom was the way that she would drive with her knees while drinking coffee, chewing gum, and texting on her razor cell phone. How she would keep me up late on school nights showing me clips from the Stephen Colbert show. I liked how she really tried hard to be a good cook but she just wasn’t. When she snapped her Dubble Bubble, and how she always asked her my day was. Her long fingers and itchy skin. How much she hated John Boehner and the tea party. Everything about her was my favorite. -Elena



Our mom is such a badass. She’s always raised us to believe that girls are just as strong as boys and throughout her entire life she’s shown that in all she does. Long before we were born, Kathy was living and going to graduate school in Chicago. She was working on a project about early childhood education in different environments, so to gather data, she visited families in the South Side of Chicago, which isn’t the safest area. Kathy went by herself to all of the interviews and still says she was never fearful for herself at all. There was also a different time when a man tried to pick pocket her so she turned around and hit him with her umbrella. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, which is something we both admire about her. As far as being a mom goes, Kathy is our best friend. We both tell her everything that’s happening in our lives and she always encourages us to go for our goals, whether they be in theatre, politics, or social. At the same time, her favorite thing to tell us is not to get a big head, which means that we shouldn’t be braggy about our accomplishments! Kathy is (and always has been) an active member in the Japanese American community and has taught us more about our own history than we could ever hope to learn in school. She’s adored by everyone she meets and even her Rate My Professor page is stellar. Her ability to show poise and ease in any situation is astounding and she continues to amaze and love us everyday. -Willa and Thea

I’ve had the lucky pleasure of meeting all of these wonderful women and I’m continually inspired by what they’ve all achieved. Not only are they moms, they’re some of the best women I know. So today, hug, kiss, remember and give thanks to the mom(s) in your life. I know I’ll be giving my best to mine.

Xo, Willa

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