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Post-Sickness Self Care (Featuring Jan Marini)

October 7, 2017

Okay, real talk: I need to carve out more time for self care. This past week has been so rough for a million different reasons, the main one being that I caught a super bad cold. Last Sunday night, I was feeling less than great and had a minor sore throat, which quickly led to a full fledged cold/flu sickness. I was running a fever, coughing up phlegm, and having serious sinus pain. I’m still taking it easy, but realized that the upside to all of this was that I could actually focus in on my own self care routine.

I’ve been slightly more off the grid than usual because of my sickness, but during my time in bed, I was still sent a bunch of fun skin care goodies! I’ve been using a bunch of them to get myself back to normal. One of them being some products from Jan Marini!

The Products

The products that we tried were the Clean Zyme Cleanser and Face Mask, both sent to me from Jan Marini! I had never heard of this company before, but after looking at their website, products, and reviews, it’s clear why people like them. Both the mask and cleanser have proteolytic enzymes in them, which help to exfoliate skin without irritating it!

My Thoughts

I tried out the face mask twice. Once on my own a few days ago when I was super sick, and once yesterday when I was feeling better. The first time I tried it, I wasn’t sure. I did it while I was home, sick and was feeling pretty gross overall. The mask goes on gooey and, unlike other face masks, doesn’t easily spread. You also have to leave it on for 20 minutes, which is longer than other masks. When I first put it on, it burned a little, but not so much that it really bothered me. Once my 20 minutes were up, I applied the cleanser on top of the mask, rubbed it in, and then washed them both off.

To be honest, I didn’t see the biggest difference at first. But when I saw Alex right after I had taken the mask off, he told me that my skin looked much healthier than it had before the mask. I also chose to skip out on the face lotion after my mask, which ended up being a great call! My skin stayed moisturized just from the mask and cleanser itself.

The second time I tried the mask I loved it! It made my skin feel cleaner instantly and the burning feeling was more of a cooling, making me feel like it was exfoliating.

Overall, I liked the face mask and cleanser! I tend to like products with more of an exfoliant, but if you’re looking for skin brightening cleanser, it’s great! Want to try them yourself? Check them out here!


*Note: This post was sponsored by Jan Marini but all thoughts are my own


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