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Project “Do it for the blog”

March 7, 2015

Hello readers!

I must admit that I’ve been far less than on top of it this week as far as blogging goes. Not that it’s an excuse, but with the first half of my semester ending, it’s been a crazy week. That being said, this week, I’ll be starting a new project in honor of spring break. 

This is tenderly called, Project “Do it for the blog.” Many times, I feel like I choose not to do something or try new things simply because I don’t want to. In theatre school, we’re pushed to get out of our comfort zones and try new things every single day. Since this is something I struggle with, this week, once a day (cross your fingers) I’ll be doing something new simply to blog about my experience. 

So stay tuned; it’s bound to be an entertaining week. 

Xo, Willa

*if you have any sort of suggestion for what you’d like to read about me trying, feel free to leave me a comment or message!

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