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Review: Daiso Charcoal Face Mask

June 27, 2017

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos. You know, the ones that feature a close-up shot of someone’s pores as this face mask pulls all of the gunk out of them. They’re pretty intriguing. (Also, if you haven’t seen them, you really should.)


Pic courtesy of Amazon

Well, for my birthday, one of Alex’s presents to me was this mask! I was excited to say the least, and had extremely high hopes.

The first time I put the mask on, I definitely didn’t leave it for long enough and didn’t spread it on thick enough. The mask came off in flaky pieces and pulled hardly anything out of my skin. Since the bottle is in Japanese, I googled reviews and tips for applying it.


The second time around worked much better! I spread the mask on thick only over my problem areas (nose/cheeks, forehead, chin) and left it on for about 45 minutes. The results wear amazing! Not only was my skin left feeling soft, but I actually did get to see the tiny white bits that had been in my pores! I was satisfied.


Bottom line: I’d buy and use this mask again. It’s definitely one of the stronger charcoal masks on the market, and I do appreciate that it’s from Japan. I think it doesn’t work with dry skin, and you have to make sure your pores are already open (post-shower is the best!). Now I’m just waiting to try it on Alex next!

Check it out and let me know what you think! Oh, and did I mention it’s only $6 on Amazon Prime?

Xo, Willa

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