ruler of me

July 25, 2019

Mercury is in retrograde.

That must be why I constantly feel like crying.

Or maybe it’s the change looming over me

Or the loneliness

Or my depression

No, for sure it’s just the planets fucking me up.

“Don’t text your ex” seems to be the #1 thing I hear this week.

None of my exes believed in astrology, and when it comes right down to it I don’t know if I do either. But people like to put their faith into something so here we are.

I did text my ex this week. Twice. We exchanged short words, he stopped responding first (as is our norm). In a few weeks he will tell me he misses me. In a month, when I am back, we will not see each other.

We have been playing this game since I moved five years ago.

But mercury is in retrograde, and we are both tauruses.

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