So You’re Starting College…

August 28, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Back to school! Or, for me, back to college. I’m about to start my final year at Boston University and part of me really can’t believe it! Since this is the last time I’ll be going back to school, I asked some of my bffs what their top tips for incoming freshmen were! Here’s what we said:


Don’t Stress, You’ll Make Friends

“Make an effort making friends but also chill and just know that it all works out over time! You’ll find your people, no need to stress it!” –Mariel

“The best advice i got before going to college was “do your own thing and you’ll find people along the way” because if somebody wants to be friends with you it’ll be for what YOU’RE doing not for doing what they’re doing.” –Hannah

“Don’t fuck people in your close group of friends. That maybe be a lil graphic but true.” –Holly

“My mom said to me ‘do things you enjoy and you’ll find people who you enjoy.'” –Mackenzie 

“Don’t be afraid to talk to people!! Everyone is starting off and new to college so asking to hang out with your next door neighbor across the hall or someone sitting next to you in your unassigned assigned seats is a great way to make friends!” –Elizabeth

Photo by Annie Coursey


Pack Well!

“When you’re packing for the dorms pack a little backpack or travel bag just with your clothes/PJs for the first few days and your essential toiletries. That way when you are running around and don’t have time to unpack everything immediately you’ll still have the essentials you need without having to dig around your giant bag for them.” -Hannah

“Make sure you have a good reusable water bottle! BPA free too!” -Mariel

“It is COOL to bring your stuffed animals and blankets from home.” –Sophie


The Dining Hall (Usually) Doesn’t Suck!

“It’s more than okay to eat in the dining hall alone! Socializing and making friends is important but having alone time is really important especially during new experiences.” –Elena

“Bring your own avocado to the dining hall!!” -Mariel

Hannah, me, Alyssa, Mackenzie


Home Sickness is TOTALLY NORMAL!

“It doesn’t make you lame to miss home! It also doesn’t mean that you’re ungrateful for the experience. Home and family are rad and they’re waiting for you and cheering you on till you get back.” –Reilly

“You think you need 12 pairs of heels, what you really need is your mom on speed dial.” -Holly

“Trust the process. Some things will come really easily and others will come really hard but most likely, your college experience will not be exactly as you expect it to be. Do your best to stay in the present and enjoy this new way of living. Also, a good call home and cry to mom is always in order once in awhile. There’s no shame in missing people or needing a shoulder to lean on.” –Alyssa


Dorm Life Ain’t Easy!

“If you think you don’t need shower sandals you’re incorrect and you needed to put them on 10 minutes ago because you’d THINK that no one would ever leave a used tampon in the shower multiple times in a row, but you’d be WRONG.” -Reilly

“This is lame but tbh if you’re living in the dorms make homies with your RA right off the bat, it’ll be really nice to actually have that resource when you need it, and also someone to save your ass or vouch for you when you’ve perhaps made a mistake!” –Kyra

“You can never have too many command hooks.” -Mackenzie

“Lock your dorm room. People are snakes.” -Holly

Hannah and our friend Josh in my laundry basket/dorm room


FOMO? Don’t Know Her!

“It’s also cool to not want to go out every night, like getting food and hanging in your dorm for alone time and watch good tv is super restorative.” -Reilly

“Let yourself have fun sometimes! You shouldn’t feel the need to go out every single weekend if that’s not your thing, but parties and hanging out with friends are actually really important too! So sometimes go out, even if you’re like me and parties aren’t really your thing!” –Willa

L to R: Alyssa, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mackenzie, Molly, Sophie, Kyra, me


Last Thoughts: 

“Proofread your essays.” -Hannah

A real final reflection paper that Hannah turned in a year ago.

“One night when the whole world is collapsing, grab your best friends, 2 bowls of french fries with ketchup and 2 bowls of white rice, steal a soy sauce bottle (all from the dining hall) and eat dinner on the floor of your best friend’s dorm room. you won’t regret any of it.” -Sophie

So to all my incoming freshman readers: take a deep breath. College is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it! Change is always scary and even though this is my 4th (!!!) time moving back, I’m still just a little anxious.

If I can offer any last words of advice, here they are:

-Always be kinder than necessary

-Call your parents

-Be patient with yourself

-Speak up about what’s not right

-And remember to B.U.

me, freshman year


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