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Sun’s Out, Guns Out

June 23, 2017

Okay, let’s be real: Phoenix is hot this time of year. Like, 122 degrees hot. Is this always pleasant? No, not at all. Is it good for me? Well, maybe.

I write once in a while about my mental health linked to my physical health, or just my mental health alone. So here’s a check in…

I’m doing really well. And maybe you can tell due to my more positive posts and lack of this subject matter. My energy is much more positive and I feel mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. Here’s a few reasons why:

I teach 9 to 12 workout classes a week. Remember a year ago when I lost over 10 lbs by running/lifting/barre? Well, I’ve kept it off and I’ve gained a ton of muscle. I’m a barre instructor now at a local studio and I’m obsessed. Because I teach so much, I’m forced to spend, at minimum, 9 hours a week in a studio; which basically means I’m working out (at least a little bit) 9x a week! Not only am I staying fit, but I’m also really getting those endorphins pumping, meaning my happiness is sky high!


It’s all about the balance. I’ve made and broken diets in the past multiple times, but these rules are my constant, so I do my best to stick to them. That being said, I’m over keeping track of everything I eat. I’m done with the days of denying myself something I’m craving. So what if I had some (dairy free) ice cream yesterday instead of dried cranberries? It’s all gonna be okay.

I’m surrounded by the people who love me the most. This is a huge one. My family lives in Phoenix, and being around them (almost) always improves my mood to begin with, but on top of that, I know they’ll support me through every detox, workout craze, and law school application I consider committing to. On top of that, I’m finally done with long distance, which means Alex sees, and reassures, me everyday. Regardless of what path I’m on, my nerves are calmed thanks to them.


I’ve learned to forgive, and love, myself. It’s okay if I sleep in on a Saturday or if I stay out till 1am or if I eat multiple desserts. It’s okay if I don’t want to wear makeup and want to post swimsuit pictures on Instagram. It’s okay to skip a workout or skip a party. But it’s not okay to beat myself up for things that won’t matter 24 hours later. I’ve learned that I need to feel good and that it’s okay if I feel my best when I look my best and eat the healthiest. I’ve learned I love myself the most when I commit to being/looking/eating the best. I’ve learned I forgive myself the quickest when I listen to those who want to lift me up and say say “fuck it” to the ones that tear me down. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Xo, Willa

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