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The Dog Days Are Over

June 2, 2017

Today Alex is graduating from high school, which means it’s official: we are no longer a long distance couple. This is big for us! So to celebrate, we’re co-blogging today about our time away from one another and what we’re excited about looking forward!


1. What’s the most annoying thing about being around the other person?

Alex: Wow, aren’t we off to a positive start? I guess the most annoying thing about finally being with Willa is how timely she is. I love that she makes sure we’re never late for dates or events, but it really stresses her out when we are (and it’s usually my fault)! I don’t really mind it, though. It’s made me more aware of how valuable time is.

Willa: Alex is so, so, SO in touch with his emotions, which I love, usually, but when we were long distance I didn’t have to be aware of how much he was feeling all the time. Being in person means that when Alex feels something, I know it. So the moments when he’s sad are harder. But I think he’s teaching me to be a kinder person, which is a definite bonus. 

2. Number one tip you can give to a new long distance couple?

Alex: The one piece of advice I would give to new long distance couples is that you don’t have to talk constantly. I know it hurts to be without them at first, and you’re going to want to feel like you two should be in constant contact, but distance doesn’t change how people work. Sometimes, the words aren’t just there for the conversation. If you ever find yourself in this situation, I’d recommend taking a little time for yourself, because time on your own is better than a fight.

Willa: Trust is key. I admit it, Alex and I are both super jealous people, but we trust each other more than I think I’ve ever trusted anyone. So I guess my advice would be to make sure that you both have a deep understanding of what the relationship ground rules are before going all-in. A few weeks into dating Alex I literally said to him, “I’m not fucking around,” which pretty much set the tone for our relationship. We’re in this for the long haul.

3. What was the best letter/package you got?

Alex: The best package I got from Willa was on our first Valentine’s Day. She sent me a huge bag of Swedish Fish and a bunch of her own writing about love. I have always admired her writing and still feel so wonderful when she writes for me, so this was the perfect present! I remember sitting in my living room, eating Swedish Fish, and bawling my eyes out while reading because I missed her so much.

Willa: Once, Alex sent me a journal he kept with short stories, poems, and quotes that reminded him of me. I’ve read it over and over and over. He also sent me a little teddy bear once and he kept the matching one, which sounds kind of cheesy, but I really loved it.


4. What is one lesson you still carry with you from your time while long distance?

Alex: The one lesson I still carry from long distance is that getting angry and staying angry isn’t worth the time. As a person, I’m pretty quick to anger. I’ll snap at people when I know I shouldn’t, and I’ll shut myself out from the world. But ever since Willa and I started dating long distance, I realized that was wasted time, because I already got so little with her. It’s my personal mantra (stolen from my mom) to never go to bed angry at anyone. I believe that goes double for anyone you truly love.

Willa: Communication is key! It’s nearly impossible to be in a long distance relationship without being good at communicating. I’d like to think that in person, Alex and I can be just as good at that. 

5. What are you looking forward to doing together?

Alex: I look forward to going on real dates with Willa! FaceTime sure is nice, but it’s nothing compared to actually hiking or grabbing dinner. Even just sitting in the same room brightens up my day! 🙂

Willa: When we were apart I always imagined these big dates and events that we could attend as a couple, but now that we’re actually in the same place, the moments I value most are simple. I love watching TV or carpooling or just running errands together. I always look forward to just seeing him.

6. What’s the next step?

Alex: College is next for me! I’ll be headed to BU in the fall for a dual major in political science and media and film studies. This was one of my top schools to begin with, so Willa being there is just a little bonus for me 😉  in all seriousness, though, I’m so thankful she will be there. I would be so scared to go to college on my own, and knowing that there’s somebody who loves me and cares about me who is already settled there makes it so much easier!

Willa: I’ll be heading back to Boston in the fall to finish out my BFA (I hope!), and I’m super excited to finally have Alex by my side! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous about this coming year, but I’m hoping for the best. Even though I’ll be done with BU at the end of next year, I have no plans to leave Boston, partially because I’m not really eager to do the whole long distance thing again! One of my favorite things about Alex has always been how mature and understanding he is, so I’m certain we’ll be able to deal with whatever life throws our way, be it a new environment, my graduation, or my definite forthcoming breakdowns! We’ll make it through. 

Xo, Willa and Alex

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