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The Lungs&The Uterus: A Love Story

February 2, 2015

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in an extremely small, close program. I love it, everyone loves it, there’s a lot of love. You know what else there’s a lot of though? Sickness. The downside of being in a small program is that when one person gets sick, we all get sick. Surprisingly, I wasn’t sick last week, but mostly everyone else was, including Hannah.

Hannah doesn’t like to take any kind of pain relievers or medicines because she believes that her body can fight things off itself. Even though she was coughing up her lungs, she stuck to it. I completely respect that.

At the same time that Hannah’s lungs were killing her, my uterus was trying to kill me. I decided on Friday to get a copper IUD and get off my birth control pills. I don’t love the hormones that came with the pills and wanted something a lot more natural for my body. While I truly, deep down, believe that this was the right choice for me, right now my uterus has never been less happy. After the procedure itself I almost passed out and had to call Molly to come and get me. From cramps to almost passing out, Friday was one I won’t soon forget.

So, here’s the moral of this story:┬áhurting and being sick sucks, but when you have a lot of friends who are most likely feeling the same way you are and who are willing to walk through the snow to help you home, it’s a little bit better.

This is what my copper IUD looks like. It’s a fun little thing that lives in my uterus and keeps me from getting pregnant.

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