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Tie Dye For Spring? Groundbreaking.

May 11, 2018

Today’s blog post is a super special (and crazy overdue) one! To be honest, I’ve had this saved in my back pocket for about a month, but the weather in Boston is never ideal, so I’ve had to save it till this week. Screw you, lack-of-sunlight.

Anyway! Let’s talk about this super comfy and cool tie dye tshirt I’m wearing! It’s made by my friend, Jacob Patch, who is a crazy talented painter and small business owner.

My sister, Thea, has been rocking Jacob’s tie dye clothing for years, but I never thought I’d be able to pull it off (can I? You tell me). The coolest thing for me has been watching his business grow from being a hobby, to being a full on business. As a blogger, I have a crazy amount of respect for anyone brave and strong enough to branch out on their own, and Jacob is a prime example of that.

How are his shirts made? Well lucky for you, he gave me the full breakdown! All of his shirts are custom orders, meaning that they’re all gonna be a little different. On his Etsy site, you can take a look at his color designs, which range from pastel rainbow (the one I have) to bleached. Once you place your order, then he gets started! If you check out his Instagram, you can see a full story of him start to finish creating a shirt! It’s one of my favorite stories to rewatch.

A little bit more about the man behind the tie dye: Jacob is an 18-year-old high school senior at the moment! (He’s about to graduate!) He’s is based in AZ and plans on sticking around to make his business into his full time job. Jacob has a 2nd Instagram account for his paintings as well, which you can buy along with his shirts!

You hooked yet? I hope so! When checking out on his Etsy site, use my code WILLA for 15% off your purchase! And send me some pics of your favorite tie dye!

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