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what do you know about love?

July 29, 2019

I never saw my parents as one unit. That is not to say that they didn’t know how to communicate, because they did that very well. Rather, I saw them as individual people.

My parents have always been partners.

what do you know about love?

Growing up with them was like eating the best version of your favorite meal; it was the feeling of seasons changing; it was learning to be a good human.

My moment of realizing that my parents are not superheroes never came, because for as long as I can remember we have always met each other where we are.

what do you know about love?

I have never seen my parents fight with each other. I have seen my parents fight many other things:

state standardized testing

school dress codes

ICE detention

I have seen my parents fight for themselves, each other, everyone around them, and us. No one will fight harder for me than my own parents do.

what do you know about love?

We are not Christmas card people. We do not take annual family photos or pride ourselves in our sentimentality.

Instead, a calendar of me and my sister marks our lives. The walls in our house are lined with art. My parents have never missed a performance.

what do you know about love?

My partner and I often say that this is the healthiest relationship either of us has ever had. It is incredible what it feels like to love someone who sees you as your own person. It is incredible to not demand changes from the person you love.

I think that is what my parents have shown me the most: how to love someone else and let them love you back.

what do you know about love?

I am the age my mother was when she got engaged to my father. I do not think about marriage very often and the older I get the more impressive it becomes that my parents jumped into it at all.

I am a natural cynic when it comes to relationships. I do not like lovey-dovey things and have never enjoyed surprises of any kind. I do not believe in marriage, but I believe in theirs. 30 years later, I am in awe of what my parents have accomplished together.

I am grateful for what they taught me about love.

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