And Always Come Up With “I Love Ya”

February 13, 2015

Have you ever heard the phrase “we plan, God laughs”? Well I have. Actually, I’ve heard it a lot lately. As a person who wants to commit a solid portion of her life to planning things, I’ve always taken sayings like that with a grain of salt. Yes, we can’t plan for the unknown. Yes, it’s insane to think that we know what’s best for ourselves. Yes, we could be wrong. But isn’t it worth it to try?
Sometimes, the answer is no. Just no. Sometimes planning is not the way to go. Ah, what a refreshingly simple concept that I will forever refuse to accept.
I believe in fate, to an extent. I believe that the universe works in a way that causes things to work out exactly how they are supposed to. And after yesterday, I believe that even more so.
Now, before I jump into this, I just want to point out how incredibly lucky I am to be where I’m at and know the people I do. That being said, yesterday I fell back in love. There’s something about love that just makes me want to both scream out in happiness and in anger. Perhaps that’s normal, I don’t really know. But what I do know, is that just when I was ready to give up completely, the universe sent my best friend/most trusted advisor/favorite scene partner/(possibly) the love of my life, back to me. And that was a joy that I will never be able to describe.
Crazy how life works out sometimes. Absolutely astonishing. Beautifully unplanned. I couldn’t have planned for that to happen, but it did. And I am in awe and feeling more grateful than I’ve ever felt before. I don’t have any advice to give on this post. Nothing amazing to say. Except for this: love is love. Take that as you will.
Xo, Willa

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