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Saving The World?

April 25, 2017

It was Earth Day on Saturday, and I did nothing.

Now usually, I’d think that I’m pretty good to the earth; I reuse plastic bags, I rinse food containers out before I recycle them, I don’t waste water, and I even drive a Prius. That’s so good! But the truth is, I can, and should, do more.


At my internship last week, we did a Facebook live with Meryl Pritchard of Kore Kitchen, which is a LA food service that promotes healthy, local food–and zero waste. Meryl herself is almost 0 waste, and she’s striving to waste less. During our live, Meryl offered some tips on how to be kinder to the earth for Earth Day. You can watch her Q&A here.

I felt super inspired, and super guilty. Because the truth is, I, and probably you, waste quite a bit. This got me thinking: what else can I do every single day?

earth day.jpg

So here’s my 5 commitments for less waste:

  1. No plastic water bottles/water cups! I have a Hydro flask for a reason, so I should always carry it! (and if you don’t have one, buy one! They’re worth it!)
  2. Buy more locally grown food. LA, Boston, and Phoenix all have amazing Farmer’s Markets, so I should start shopping there way more.
  3. Cut down on to-go cups. I am so guilty of grabbing a coffee when I’m on the go, then having a plastic cup and straw leftover. Rather than doing that, I should start bringing my own, or at the very least, reusing them!
  4. Buy a set of bamboo utensils. Meryl said it in the video, but I’m saying it again here: I need to stop using plastic utensils. They’re just such a waste. Also, bamboo is so much cuter.
  5. No plastic bags. Ever. Oh yes, this one. I used to get so embarrassed when my mom would bring her own reusable bags into the mall when we’d go shopping. Now I’m the one with multiple Trader Joe’s bags in the back of my car. Well played, mom. Thanks for encouraging me to save the world even before it was cool. I am so anti-plastic bags now.

So there you have it! My commitments to the earth. I may mess up sometimes or forget, but I’m gonna try my best to do my part. And who knows! Maybe one day I’ll go fully waste-free. I can only hope.

Let me know what you’re doing to save the world in the comments below!

Xo, Willa

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